Do I need to be concerned about booking a train?


Only trains that are actually running are available for bookings. You will be warned in advance if your train is cancelled during the strike, and will be able to cancel or postpone your trip free of charge, or take an alternative train to your destination on the same day.

How will I know if my train is running?

Visit the “My orders” section of our website or the “My tickets” section of our mobile app to find out whether your train TGV or INTERCITY is running.
A specific message will be displayed if your train is affected.

This information is also available:

  • On (Timetable & Traffic in Real Time section)
  • By calling +33892 35 35 35 (cost of international call + fees of your phone operator)
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How do I cancel or exchange my ticket?

TGV, TGV France-France, INTERCITES, TGV France-Bruxelles, TGV Lyria, Thalys


Your initial ticket will be reimbursed and another will be issued subject to availability.
This applies to all types of ticket valid during the period of disruption, whether or not you request it before
or after the departure of the train booked (within a period of 61 days).


All tickets and all fares, including “non-exchangeable/non-reimbursable” tickets can be refunded free of charge,
irrespective of the type of ticket booked (e-ticket, printed ticket).
For return journeys, the full ticket will be reimbursed if you are unable to complete part of the journey.

How can I exchange or cancel my ticket?

Exchange or cancel your tickets free of charge at an SNCF ticket office or by calling +33 892 35 35 35
(international call rates excluding any operator surcharge may apply).
Good to know: if your ticket is exchangeable or refundable free of charge before your train’s scheduled departure time,
you can cancel or exchange your booking directly on our website or our app.

iDTGV tickets

Please contact iDTGV customer services to get a refund on your iDTGV tickets.

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What should I do if I want to travel?

TGV, TGV France-France, INTERCITES, TGV France-Bruxelles, TGV Lyria, Thalys

Your ticket can be used on any other train on your day of travel, although we cannot guarantee a seat.

Your new trip must have similar conditions to your initial journey:
- same route,
- same class,
- same comfort level.

You still have to punch your ticket (excluding e-tickets).


If your iDTGV train is cancelled, a voucher will be sent to the e-mail address you registered when placing your order, within 15 days.       
OUIGO tickets

You will be contacted by e-mail or text message with information from the OUIGO customer services department.

Any specific conditions for international operators will be indicated on this page.